Lu Ye’s Hope

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The corner of Captain Lu's mouth twitched slightly, and his eyes flickered. Then, he said softly, "I fought with Lin Haoran."

"Apart from the corner of your mouth, are you hurt anywhere else?" Gu Yan looked up and down with great concern, her eyes full of worry.

If he was too miserable, his little wife would definitely care about him, but would she think that he was not as powerful as Lin Haoran?

Lu Ye thought for a moment and immediately covered his stomach. He said, "I'm fine. It's just that there are more bruises on my body. Lin Haoran is worse off than me. He's gone to the hospital."

"Are there many bruises?" Gu Yan was very worried, but she could not lift up Lu Ye's clothes to check at this time.

As for whether Lin Haoran went to the hospital or not and whether he was seriously injured, it was really not within her consideration.