Lin Haoran Can’t Handle It Anymore

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Gu Yan lowered her head calmly to pick up some stewed potatoes with her chopsticks. Thereafter, she said to Shen Jiayi, "The potatoes and bean sprouts taste good."

Currently, there was something odd with the atmosphere, which made it difficult for Shen Jiayi to understand what Gu Yan meant.

She looked at Gu Yan with her big eyes.

When Guo Rou tried some of the food, however, she remarked, "It does taste good, but it would be better if it is stewed pork ribs and bean sprouts."

Gu Yan laughed. "You know how to eat well. This is the dining hall. Even if there really are pork ribs and bean sprouts, they might not serve them."

In cases like those, you would definitely see piles of meat. Nevertheless, by the time the chef fills your bowl and swings his serving spoon, you will realize your bowl mostly contained vegetables.

This required skills too.