Like Fire and Water

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A thin smile flickered at the corners of Gu Yan's mouth as she passed by Lin Xiaoyu smoothly, leaving the latter trembling with rage.

The competition started once more.

The soldier who was responsible for tallying the scores had been in the army for four years. He felt quite insulted when the girls from the Medical Department practically accused him of being incompetent to read accurately.

Hence, he was very focused and serious this time. He even called another soldier over to calculate the scores.

Whether it was the Logistics Department or the Medical Department, both parties were nervous.

They stood outside the fence as they watched in anticipation.

When Tang Ruidong arrived with the guards, he encountered such a scene. Instead of getting angry, he frowned. "What's going on?"

'Wasn't it training time?'

'Why are there a bunch of people gathered in this area?!'