Let’s Do Something Else

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The two looked at each other with approval, feeling reluctant to leave at the same time.

However, there was an important event in the afternoon—a cross-country race.

Lu Ye looked at his wife's bandaged hands and decided that he needed to let her rest well at this point in time.

Hence, Captain Lu told her to return first and take a break. However, his eyes were conveying a different story. He was unwilling to do so.

Clearly, the body never lied. It was more honest than the person.

Gu Yan expressed her delight. "Alright, you should go and rest for a bit too. The training camp will end today. We'll join the Logistics Department later at night. As for tomorrow, let us meet up at the door of the Logistics Department at 8 o'clock in the morning. It won't take a day to climb mountains. How about you think about what else we can do for the rest of the day?"

Right after, Gu Yan turned around and proceeded to the dormitory.