Of course, most of the new recruits of the Logistics Department didn't know Lu Ye. When the group of girls saw the tall and handsome man, their eyes were instantly fixated on him.

If there weren't superiors here, a few of them might scream.

Luckily, most people were pretty reserved and just took a few extra glances. After all, everyone appreciated beauty.

Zhang Cuihua was the type who would likely scream. She was standing at the back, and due to her height, she couldn't see him. She tip-toed and peeked through the cracks. Finally, she saw the handsome face of the instructor.

She exclaimed, "This Captain Lu is really handsome!"

Xu Miaomiao also nodded. He was so handsome indeed. He was better looking than the son of the village elder in her village.

Zhang Cuihua still wanted to say something, but she felt something wasn't right.

Nevertheless, she couldn't remember what exactly was wrong.