It’s Only Right For Wife To Manage Money

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Old Master Lu wasn't really angry to begin with. Now that he saw that Gu Yan had admitted her mistake so quickly, he couldn't pretend anymore.

He grinned and took out a box from his pocket, handing it to Gu Yan.

"Little Yan, this is for you."

Gu Yan immediately took it and opened it. It was a pair of jade bracelets. Even though Gu Yan didn't know much about Jade, she knew that this pair of jade bracelets was definitely worth a lot.

Old Master Lu sighed. "These jade bracelets were left behind by Ah Ye's grandmother. Lanzhi's arms were too thick to wear them before, so I'll give them to you."

Qin Lanzhi, who had been looking around for her son, heard her father-in-law's words and the corner of her mouth twitched.

In fact, Old Master Lu was still angry at Qin Lanzhi for making the decision to for Lu Ye to marry that Song Yaqin.

Therefore, Qin Lanzhi knew that she was in the wrong, so she didn't dare to say anything.