Is Lu Ye Going To Marry Gu Yan

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Gu Yan turned around and looked in that direction. She happened to see Bai Weiyang holding Lin Haoran's hand, looking at something at a stall selling red coverings.

She smiled and agreed, "It's quite fated."

But after thinking about it, it made sense.

After all, this was the biggest department store on the main planet. Bai Weiyang and Lin Haoran were going to get married, so there would definitely be a lot of things to buy.

Gu Yan actually guessed roughly, but there was one thing that she did not expect. These few days, Bai Weiyang had been busy buying things by herself, or she had dragged Lin Xiaoyu along with her.

Bai Weiyang was very smart, and Lin Xiaoyu did not have a brain, so Bai Weiyang easily roped in Lin Xiaoyu, this sister-in-law of hers.