Is It Talent Or A Bluff?

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Lin Haoran almost missed his footing.

The female soldiers next to him had ugly expressions on their faces.

However, this entire ruckus wasn't over.

When Lin Haoran was finished with leading the soldiers out while maintaining his gentle expression, he saw Commander Tang Ruidong at one corner.

Confusion flashed across his eyes, but he soon regained his composure.

"Greetings, Commander."

Tang Ruidong waved his hand and said nothing. He passed by Lin Haoran and headed towards Lu Ye's group.

After taking two steps forward, he stopped and turned around. "Haoran, come to my office later at night."

A glint of darkness inhabited Lin Haoran's eyes.

He responded in a collected tone, "Yes, Commander."

As it turned out, Commander Tang saw the entire thing, didn't he?

Lin Haoran gritted his teeth in fury, but there was nothing else he could do. He still had to try hard to maintain his expression.

Lu Ye… you just wait!