Insist On Marrying Lin Haoran

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She remembered what had happened that night... so, she might really get pregnant, but it would not be Lin Haoran's child..

But this was only a hypothesis!

Bai Weiyang took a deep breath to calm herself down and said, "How could it be that accurate!"

"If you miss once, I can help you again." The man's voice was like Satan's. Weiyang, you're very smart and you know the people in the hospital. You must know how to make that kind of proof, right? Anyway, after you marry Lin Haoran, won't there be more opportunities?"

A hint of surprise flashed past Bai Weiyang's eyes!

Yes, this was indeed a good idea!

However, Bai Weiyang quickly reacted. She suppressed the joy in her heart and then asked vigilantly, "Who exactly are you? Why are you helping me?"

"Perhaps, I fell in love with you at first sight." The man smiled and hung up the phone.