I Hate Fake People

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Gu Yan didn't forget how Shen Jiayi looked like in her previous life.

The sunlight shone into the ward, but it couldn't penetrate Shen Jiayi's gloomy heart.

She curled up in the dark and looked at everyone with vigilance. No matter what others said, she didn't have any reaction.

Gu Yan remembered that Dr. Li, who Gu Yan was very familiar with, had said that Shen Jiayi had suffered a great deal of mental trauma, which resulted in her being like this.

Because she was autistic, she would think too much about things and then get into a dilemma.

Moreover, there were more than one people like Shen Nana in the environment Shen Jiayi grew up in.

In addition to the huge trauma, Gu Yan remembered that doctor Li had vaguely mentioned that the trauma that Shen Jiayi had experienced was not just psychological.