I’m Going To Zhang Lan

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Just as Gu Dagang brought Zhang Lan home and locked her in the house, Gu Yan and Lu Ye rode on a leaky tricycle to the county town.

Lu Ye held Gu Yan's hand tightly.

After a long while, Gu Yan finally let out a sigh of relief and said, "Actually, there was a moment when I really wanted to kill her. If she hadn't carried me away, I might have grown up happily by Xie Luan's side."

"Yan Yan..."

"But I know that I can't do that." Gu Yan sighed. "Although I hate my own rationality, after all, when it comes to revenge, it's better to settle the score quickly."

"Actually, there are other ways to take revenge on her. You can't destroy yourself for such a villain," Lu Ye said with extreme seriousness.

In fact, his palms were sweating all the time.

Lu Ye was really worried about Gu Yan.

Gu Yan chuckled and turned her head to look out of the window. The night breeze gently lifted her long hair.