He Wants To Get Drunk

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Su Lina's expression was a little complicated. From the beginning since Gu Yan and Lu Ye wanted to come with her, Su Lina had felt that something was going on.

She was not familiar with Gu Yan. No matter how much she approve Gu Yan, it was not enough for her to help so much.

Of course, Su Lina cared about Lu Ye's face.

And now... Lu Ye pointed at the note and nodded at her.

Obviously, Lu Ye knew about this matter, which was to delay Guo Jiang, and he also agreed.

Su Lina narrowed her eyes.

Was Gu Yan going to do this, or was Ah Ye going to do it?

Just as Su Lina was silent and her eyes flickered, Guo Jiang, who had gone out to make a call, came back.

As expected, Guo Jiang's expression was extremely ugly.

Even though he was still maintaining a polite smile on his face, that pale expression and the dejection between his brows were enough to show that Guo Rou's recording was quite destructive.