Grandpa’s Thoughts Are Hard To Guess

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This matter was already quite unbelievable.

Lu Ye told him about the time when the child was changed in the hospital.

Of course, the temporary version remained that the child was changed by Bai Mengchen.

Qin Lanzhi blinked and was very surprised. "So Gu Yan can be considered a noble child. No wonder she is still so outstanding, standing out from so many examinees."

In the end, Qin Lanzhi was a person who valued her family background.

She had wanted Song Yaqin to be her daughter-in-law so badly because of this.

It was Gu Yan's identity that made her accept Gu Yan completely. Then, she asked with concern, "So, has the Bai family accepted her back?"

When she asked this question, the silent old master Lu also raised his head and looked at Lu Ye.

However, Lu Ye slowly shook his head.

Qin Lanzhi didn't understand. She frowned. "Why didn't she go back to the Bai family when her identity was already announced?"