Give You A Big Red Packet

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Gu Yan raised her eyebrows.

Well, this was a joyous occasion.

She smiled and narrowed her eyes. "Sigh, then I really have to congratulate captain Lin and Miss Bai."

Bai Changle saw that the smile on Gu Yan's face was especially sincere. He scratched his hair suspiciously. "Xiao Yan, didn't you dislike Weiyang? Why are you still so sincere in congratulating her after seeing her get married?"

Bai Changle was now with Xie Luan, and they both called Gu Yan Xiao Yan.

He had tried to call her Yan Yan before, but after being kicked by Lu Ye, he changed his address to Xiao Yan.

Seeing the confusion on Bai Weiyang's face, Gu Yan smiled and said, "No matter what, getting married is a joyous occasion, isn't it? I still have to send gifts. Oh, by the way, is godmother very busy now?"