Pickled vegetables, pork rib stew, chicken with mushrooms, stir-fried cabbage, egg, and tomato soup, and some plain stir-fried vegetables.

"The meal today… is scrumptious."

"Actually, there are a bit fewer vegetables. I'm used to eating something with more vegetables." Lu Ye filled up two bowls of rice and took out two wine glasses.

Gu Yan raised a brow. "Oh, are we drinking too?"

"Wifey, with this much food, a glass wouldn't hurt."

One cup was reasonable for Gu Yan. She blinked. "You made all these dishes?"

"Yeah." Lu Ye passed some chopsticks to Gu Yan. He seemed proud. "Wifey, go ahead and have a try, see if it suits your taste."

The meal was amazing for Gu Yan, who spent most of her life staying in an underdeveloped city.

After all, Zhang Lan was very stingy towards Gu Yan.

More importantly, aside from the splendid food, Lu Ye's effort was praise-worthy.