Does It Hurt?

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This time, Lin Haoran's face appeared contorted.

He only regained his senses after a soldier sought out his attention and informed him regarding the arrival of the car he requested.

The first thing he needed to do was to send Lin Xiaoyu to the hospital and assess her burns!

If Lin Xiaoyu's injuries were worse, then the chances of receiving a penalty or ending up in jail will be lesser.

By then, he could still turn the situation around.

'How could Lu Ye not know what Lin Haoran is scheming?'

Lu Ye took off his jacket and covered Gu Yan with it. He walked her out and said, "Gu Yan can go to the hospital and get checked too."

The person who drove the car was a platoon leader under Lin Haoran's command. He was confused by the scene.

He looked at Lin Haoran. After all, this wasn't something he could refuse on his own.