Deranged Old Man

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Although Xie Luan was curious about why Boss Liu didn't age at all even after 20 years, she cared more about the jade pendant.

Since Boss Liu himself was still in charge of the shop, it was more convenient for her to ask about the jade pendant.

Xie Luan said, "Boss Liu, there's no need for tea. I came here to ask you something!"

"Mhm, enlighten me."

"Twenty years ago, I bought a jade pendant from your shop. It has the shape of a water drop, sharp at the top and round at the bottom. It's twice as big as a nail and gray in color. Do you recall something like it?" Xie Luan looked anxiously at Boss Liu.

Boss Liu nodded. "I do remember."

"That… jade pendant." Xie Luan paused. She was both excited and hesitant. "I've long lost that jade pendant, but I saw it somewhere else once again. I'm not sure…"

"Although that jade pendant looks very simple and ordinary…" Boss Liu let out a hint of a smile and paused.