Chapter 993 still landed on his face!

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In Luo Cheng’s hand, there was also a shiny silver dagger.

That dagger looked pretty good.

The handle was inlaid with a purple gemstone. In the middle of the long and slender blade of the dagger, there was a groove shaped like a snake.

Gu Yan nodded. HMM, it was quite suitable for bleeding.

Luo Cheng was secretly shocked.

This young lady who looked like a sickly woman not only used a fruit plate to block his attack.

More importantly..

This woman was still distracted!

Her gaze was on the dagger!

This was too much!

Could it be that he wasn’t as pretty as this dagger? ?

And because the two of them were in a stalemate, neither of them noticed that the door of the ward was slowly opening.

The next moment, Luo Cheng felt an intense sense of danger. However, before he could react, he was kicked from behind.

He fell from one side of the bed to the other side of the bed!

He landed on his face!

F * ck!

Luo Cheng was like an angry chick.