Chapter 947 Chen Yuan, long time no see

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Fang Fang had just found out that Gu Yan was getting married, so she turned to look at Gu Yan with a worried expression.

Gu Yan, on the other hand, generously picked up a pen and wrote a line on the back of the love letter. Then, he got up and returned the love letter to the boy from before.

The other male classmates around the boy came over to take a look.

They wanted to know what Gu Yan had written on the paper.

As for the male student who had sent the love letter, his expression became very strange when he saw the line of words written by Gu Yan.

One of the boys couldn’t hold it in anymore and said in shock, “Oh my God, the Goddess is getting married?”

Fang Fang also heard the discussion of the boys. She said to Gu Yan, “I swear, they won’t believe that you’re getting married.”

“Who’s Getting Married?”Xu Yue walked over with a book in her hand and sat in the back seat of Gu Yan.

Fang Fang said softly, “Gu Yan is getting married! Xu Yue, are you surprised?”