Chapter 943 came again

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Zhang Weiyang muttered, “Grandfather, I...”

“Your father is my brother’s child, so you can call me grandfather from now on.”

“Grandfather?”Zhang Weiyang was a little confused.

She knew that her father was someone else and that Bai Mengchen was not her biological mother.

However, this was the first time she knew her father’s identity.

So... she was actually the granddaughter of Master Bai’s twin brother.

So that was why she looked so much like master Bai?

After all, master Bai was very similar to his twin brother!

This matter was finally revealed. Gu Yan had already understood when Bai Jianjun told her about Bai Hao’s identity.

Otherwise, why would Zhang Weiyang be so safe and sound as Master Bai’s granddaughter in her previous life?

After all, outsiders had always said that Zhang Weiyang looked like grandfather Bai!

Now, it seemed that Zhang Weiyang was most like her grandfather, Bai Qishan, who was also grandfather Bai’s twin brother!