Chapter 935 finally understood who Zhang Weiyang looked like

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Xie Luan sighed softly, “Father has a twin brother called Bai Qishan. He looks almost identical to the old man, but his personality is completely different from the old man’s. Second Uncle Bai’s personality was very easy-going and he was a very simple person. Back then, he did not join the special forces. Instead, he became a technical worker. Later on, he went into business with others. At that time, a distant relative came to his hometown. Although she was said to be a distant cousin, she was actually a half-sister. There was basically no blood relationship between them.

That distant relative entrusted his daughter to the elder brothers. At that time, Jianjun’s father was already dating Jianjun’s mother. However, this distant cousin who was not related by blood fell in love with the tall and handsome elder Bai. She had been passionately pursuing him.”