Chapter 916: Gu Yan’s intense hostility towards him

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Gu Yan clicked his tongue at the side. “Lin Haoran, why don’t you care about your father’s life or death at all? Oh, that’s right. If you did, you wouldn’t have pushed all the blame onto your father.”

Lin Haoran’s eyes started to turn red. “Gu Yan... why do you have to treat me like this?”

“Because justice is always above evil. Moreover, for the benefit of the citizens of the Federation Empire, we can not appease evil. We definitely can not let a bad person off.”

Lin Haoran:”...”

The benefit of the Federation Empire? Justice?

You must be joking!

Even someone as calm as Lin Haoran could not help but twitch his lips.

Lin Haoran was not stupid. He could deeply feel Gu Yan’s intense enmity towards him.

This hostility had existed since a long time ago.

This was also where Lin Haoran was puzzled.

He did not understand where Gu Yan’s hostility came from.

Lin Haoran asked himself, did he do anything to hurt her!

He was even moved by her!