Chapter 910 would not allow him to easily shift the blame

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Next, it was time for the deposition.

Meanwhile, in another meeting room, the interrogation of Bai Changle had also come to an end.

The main question was to ask him when he had found out that Gu Yan was his biological sister.

Bai Changle also told the truth.

After all, he had his temperament. Moreover, he did not think that telling the truth was bad.

However, after he finished speaking, bai changle angrily said, “Lin Haoran is too sinister and shameless. Previously, he was like glue with Weiyang, but now that he sees that Xiao Yan is my younger sister, he plans to make a move on Xiao Yan!”

The juror asked, “You mean to say that Lin Haoran values the power of the Bai Family? If that’s the case, then he shouldn’t have made a move on you, right?”