Chapter 903 she seemed to like Gu Yan even more

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Be more polite to a pregnant woman?

Then what was the point of scoring a pregnant woman! !

For a pregnant woman as fierce as Zhang Weiyang, it was better for the others to protect themselves.

Zhang Weiyang’s child was almost seven months old, but during this period of time, she had been working tirelessly for Lin Haoran’s matters. Her entire condition was very bad, and she was very thin.

This woman was so thin that she had lost her usual elegance. The light in her eyes was very malicious.

After hearing Gu Yan’s words, she shouted directly, “Let go of me!”

Gu Yan was stronger than her now. Her hands were grabbed, and she could not hit anyone even if she wanted to.

Gu Yan smiled gently and politely. “Then if I let go, can you promise not to attack me?”

Gu Yan was already a little taller than Zhang Weiyang. When she said these irritating words, Gu Yan even raised her chin slightly.