Chapter 901 Gu Yan, you should have been my wife

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“Brother, you’ve been recovering from your injuries and you’ve been staying at my house?”

Gu Yan was also quite happy that Bai changle would be staying over. She was just worried that her house was too small and that Bai Changle would be detained.

When she had called earlier, she had thought that Bai Changle had only come to her house to take a look.

She did not know that he had been staying at the small apartment to recover from his injuries.

Seeing that his sister did not look unhappy, Bai Changle felt at ease.

He immediately nodded. “It’s all my mom’s fault. She insisted on taking care of me personally. Sigh, she’s been so busy lately that she’s lost weight.”

Bai Jianjun: ..

Elder Bai: ..

Beat this shameless child out.

If he was crippled, he would be thrown back to the hospital.

Gu Yan smiled and narrowed his eyes. “Sure, it’ll be more lively with more people. When will you be back?”

“After New Year’s Day. Just in time for your wedding.”