Chapter 860 wasn’t this child’s play

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Gu Yan first went to greet the teachers and instructors who were leading the team. After all, she wasn’t a professional.

During this period of time, because of Gu Yan’s outstanding performance, the instructors in the training base all knew Gu Yan and had a very good impression of this female student.

So when they heard that she wanted to watch and learn together, they immediately agreed.

Guo rou chuckled and said, “Gu Yan, this face of yours is a pretty good pass.”

Gu Yan was speechless.

Because her grades were at the top, many people recognized her immediately.

Plus, Gu Yan’s face was so beautiful that it instantly killed all the female students.

This also made everyone remember her deeply.

Many black star troopers were secretly asking about Gu Yan.

However, they were all kind and low-key, so they didn’t cause any trouble.

After all, in this era, people were still very reserved and low-key when it came to love.

Even if a lady was a man’s dream.