Chapter 834 introduction

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Zhang Weiyang’s face turned black with anger. She hung up the phone.

Damn it, how could guo rou pick up! ?

Zhang Weiyang knew that Guo Rou was hostile to her.

At this time, she still needed to use Guo Jiang, so it wasn’t good for her to have any conflict with Guo Rou.

So she forced herself to endure it and planned to call Guo Jiang Tomorrow.

After all, Guo Rou was going to school tomorrow.

In fact, at this time, Zhang Weiyang didn’t realize that she had already taken too long of leave in the academy because of Lin Haoran.

If she still didn’t go to class, the academy would probably make a move.

But Zhang Weiyang didn’t care about those things now.

What she cared about most was how to save Haoran.

On the other side, at the Guo family residence in the noble district.

Guo Rou put down the phone and sneered.

Bai Weiyang, Bai Weiyang, your skin is thicker than the city wall.

At this time, you still have the nerve to look for her brother?