Chapter 825: What if he raised an ingrate

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Once some words were said, the rest would be smoother.

Zhang Weiyang took a step forward and raised his chin. The corners of his mouth were filled with a mocking sneer.

“Recently, you must have been coaxing that Gu Yan. But what about her? Has She Forgiven You? “Oh, she must have forgiven Xie Luan. Then, you hardened your back and refused to return to the Bai family with your arrogance. You think you’re very impressive, don’t you?”

“Weiyang, you’re not allowed to speak to Little Luan Like That!”Bai Jianjun frowned, “You keep saying that we have no feelings for you, but what about you? When you heard that Changle was almost killed by Lin Haoran, what was your first reaction?”

If one were to say that Bai Jianjun and the others were the most disappointed in Zhang Weiyang, it would be none other than her attitude towards Bai Changle in the end.

They were disappointed before, but those disappointments were ignored by kindness and generosity.

But this last one..