Chapter 799: one sentence versus ten sentences

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The two of them sat in the cafeteria and had just finished preparing their food. When they sat down, a boy suddenly sat across from Gu Yan and Guo Rou with a tray in his hand.

Lu Xiaodong pushed up his decorative glasses and grinned. “Aiya, what a coincidence. Guo Rou, Gu Yan.”

Knowing why Lu Xiaodong was sitting here, Gu Yan pursed her lips and greeted Lu Xiaodong before lowering her head to eat.

Guo Rou, on the other hand, looked troubled.

She was not stupid. She knew what Lu Xiaodong was thinking about her, but..

Guo Rou looked at Lu Xiaodong’s thin arms and legs with disgust.

Not qualified.

Then she lowered her head to eat, ignoring Lu Xiaodong.

Lu Xiaodong was a little embarrassed after being rebuked, but he was a lively person, and he was not the kind of person who easily got cold feet.

As Lu Xiaodong ate, he asked, “Today is your first day of class, right? How are you feeling? Are you still adapting?”