Chapter 790 boss Liu, long time no see

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Gu Yan was slightly surprised.

This was because this man looked very young. He was so handsome that it was as if he had walked out of a painting. However, his hair was completely white.

Gu Yan knew that there was a genetic disease called youth white hair. However, no matter how he looked at this man, he did not feel that this white hair was out of place, nor did he feel that there was anything wrong with his body.

He even felt that this man’s white short hair, even if it grew longer, was a very suitable strange feeling.

This white-haired man was filled with a mysterious aura from head to toe.

When Xie Luan saw the white-haired man, she immediately smiled and said, “Boss Liu, long time no see.”

“Madam Xie, long time no see.”Liu Xingyun nodded slightly to Xie Luan, and then his gaze fell on Gu Yan.

His eyes were gentle, as if he had the ability to pacify people’s hearts.