Chapter 759 a sleepless night

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Gu Yan remembered that in her previous life, at the beginning of the interstellar era, there had not been a large-scale outbreak of disease, because the biggest one would be more than ten years later.

In the interstellar year 60, many people died, making people anxious.

This time, there should not be a big problem.

Guo Rou sat next to Gu Yan and gently bumped Gu Yan’s shoulder, then said, “Gu Yan, what do you think is wrong with the woman who was sent away this morning?”

“It’s a fever for the time being, but we need to confirm it.”Gu Yan looked around and finally walked to the window. He opened the window to let some air in.

He hoped that the person had a normal fever and not a serious respiratory disease like in 1960.

Song Yaqin led the way. Many people made a fuss, but in the end, they did not go out. Gradually, the crowd became more anxious.

Some people even started to cry.