Chapter 751

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However, when the two of them took a closer look, Gu Yan and Lu Ye’s expressions were very calm. Moreover, Gu Yan was holding gauze and medicine in her hands. With one look, one could tell that Gu Yan was treating Lu Ye’s wound.

After all, the air was still filled with the smell of blood.

Gongsun Yu and M looked at each other. Both of them hid the fact that they wanted to run away.

There was no one else here. Lu Ye introduced generously, “Staff officer, M, this is Gu Yan, my wife. She is now a freshman in the Empire’s first Academy.”

M nodded coldly at Gu Yan with an ice-cold face. However, he was screaming in his heart.

What the F * ck! He didn’t even let a freshman go!

Gongsun Yu raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Gu Yan is actually your partner?”

“What’s Wrong?”Lu Ye was very smart. He soon realized that this staff officer, who was known for being a fox, was not simple.

Therefore, there was definitely something in Gongsun Yu’s words.