Chapter 740, you actually hid a wild man

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Bai Weiyang did not expect that after only a few days of not seeing Xie Luan, this Xie Luan would actually become completely different from before!

It directly disrupted all of her plans!

Previously, Xie Luan only knew how to read and write books all day long. Usually, she was sick and her face was pale. After saying a few words, she would become agitated and easily overthink things.

However, she tried her best to hold it in. She looked like she was easy to bully.

Therefore, Bai Weiyang did not put her in her eyes.

Most of the time, she went to curry favor with old master Bai and Bai Mengchen.

As for Bai Jianjun, he was basically nowhere to be found. Moreover, he was cold. As for Bai Jianxun, he was too shrewd. He was like a fox.

Therefore, Bai Weiyang did not put any effort into those two people.

However, Xie Luan today made Bai Weiyang flustered.