Chapter 737 it’s not suitable for you to stay here

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Bai Mengchen thought about it and realized that this was indeed the case.

However, deep down, she still did not want to apologize to Xie Luan.

What right did she have to apologize? Did she not do anything wrong?

However, Bai Mengchen thought about it and realized that Bai Weiyang would be apologizing later anyway. She just needed to accompany her.

She just did not know if Xie Luan would take advantage of her later and put on airs as a great writer!

While Bai Mengchen’s thoughts were running wild, Bai Weiyang hugged her arm and said, “Mom, let’s go upstairs.”


As the mother and daughter walked upstairs, Xie Luan was looking at Bai Jianjun gloomily.

It was one thing for her to say that this person often came to freeload during this period of time.

But today, he actually brought a bunch of work directly to work. It was one thing.

What Xie Luan didn’t expect was that this person actually openly asked to stay over!

Xie Luan’s first reaction was to refuse!