Chapter 719: Fighting side by side

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Bai Jianjun hadn’t said a word to Xie Luan recently, but at this moment, he looked at Gu Yan with approval, “I agree with Xiao Yan’s choice. Plus, she’s going to the rear, so the danger isn’t that big. If you can do your part, you have to do your part. After all, she will be a black star trooper in the future.”

Xie Luan’s temper towards Bai Jianjun had also increased recently.

She couldn’t bring herself to talk about her daughter, so she turned around and glared at Bai Jianjun. “Then why aren’t you going? !”

Bai Jianjun was embarrassed.

As a Commander, he wanted to go, but no one would let him go to the front line.

Gu Yan was taken aback. She didn’t expect Bai Jianjun to be so supportive of her on this matter.

However, she quickly realized that whether it was in her previous life or this one, Bai Jianjun was a very upright black star trooper.

If there was a need, he would personally go to the front line.