Chapter 691’s expression instantly became distorted

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“Mother is currently taking an afternoon nap. She hasn’t rested well these few days. Little Luan, why don’t I call you when she wakes up?”

The old lady had been so excited over the past few days when she received news of her daughter that she couldn’t fall asleep at night. Then, she woke up early in the morning. However, she was old after all and her body wasn’t as strong as before, so she had to go through a lot of trouble for a few days, her mental state was obviously not good, and her face did not look good either.

Xie Qing quickly comforted the old lady. The body was the capital of the Revolution. What would little luan do in the future if she saw her suffering like this?

The old lady was actually a stubborn old lady. However, her lost daughter was still her ace in the hole. When she heard her son say this, she immediately nodded and said that she needed to recover her strength and reunite with Little Luan as soon as possible.