Chapter 673 I really want to be classmates with Bai Weiyang

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Since Gu Yan and Guo Rou were going to the hospital to visit Gu Moli, Xie Luan stayed at home and tidied up the books she had brought.

In addition, Gu Yan had also arranged for a master to measure the size of the balcony in the afternoon. He was going to finish the glass room as soon as possible, so he had to leave one person at home.

Gu Yan and Guo Rou walked on the road. Both of them were tall and slender. One looked gorgeous while the other looked heroic.

Although they were not wearing uniforms, their temperaments were different from the usual 20-year-old girls.

Guo Rou asked curiously, “Gu Yan, do you need to call Zhang Cuihua to look for that Gu Moli?”

“No need. This matter has nothing to do with her.”

Gu Yan narrowed her eyes. At this moment, her expression was very serious because there was one thing that had always stuck in her heart.

That was to find evidence that Bai Weiyang had killed Zhang Lan!