Brother, You’re Too Excited

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In fact, when Bai Changle gave Gu Yan the keys last time, he had already mentioned it, but Gu Yan pretended she didn't hear it.

But this time… Bai Changle confronted her in person.

He directly asked Gu Yan whether she was the girl he was looking for.

Gu Yan clenched her fist.

She really wanted to rush over and tell Xie Luan she was her daughter, her real daughter!


Would Xie Luan even believe her?

Would the Bai family accept the truth?

Bai Changle could only watch as Gu Yan remained silent for a long time. Soon, he asked in confusion, "Gu Yan? What's wrong?"

Gu Yan's face might appear calm, but her tightly clenched fists exposed her emotions.

In her previous life, she hated the Bai family to the bones, especially her biological parents.

However, when she really came in contact with them, she longed for their affection.

It was very conflicting.

This tall, handsome man was her brother.