Because I’ve Hugged You Before

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Gu Yan met with Lu Ye and studied him. She could not help but frown.

Captain Lu took in every small detail. His sharp eyes carried some glint in them.

"What's wrong? You studied me from top to bottom. Don't you recognize me?"

"… You are absolutely breathtaking in this outfit," Gu Yan answered after giving it some thought.

Captain Lu was deeply satisfied. The twinkle in his eyes couldn't be contained as he grinned.

He was well aware of her mother's maltreatment. She wouldn't even spare some money to buy clothes for Gu Yan, let alone purchase some jackets which were often expensive.

Hence, he came prepared. He was carrying a bag in his hand.

However, at this time, his wife questioned, "Are you sure you can climb the mountain with this attire?"