Became Bad After Dating Lu Ye

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Guo Rou and Shen Jiayi also noticed Gu Yan. Both of their eyes lit up.

Before Gu Yan could reach them, Guo Rou ran over and hugged her. "Ay, Gu Yan, it's my first time to really miss a female comrade!"

Guo Rou's strength was great, and that hug was preceded by a run. The force from the momentum knocked Gu Yan two steps backward.

Gu Yan said, "Did you think about male comrades before? Is our Guo Rou planning to get married?"

"Gu Yan!" Guo Rou felt very speechless. She had an open personality and didn't blush. She simply released Gu Yan and shook her head. "I've just realized that you've become bad after dating Captain Lu."

Shen Jiayi laughed at the two.

Gu Yan patted Guo Rou's shoulder and looked at Shen Jiayi. "Why did you guys visit?"

"We missed you, naturally," Guo Rou said.

Shen Jiayi nodded. "There are only 50 days left until the examination. How is your preparation going, Gu Yan?"