A Bit Like A Friend Of Mine

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When the two of them entered through the door, they found that elder Lu had already changed his expression to that of an elder. He was sitting on the sofa drinking tea with a serious expression on his face.

He was completely different from the person who had poured water on the younger generation just now.

Lu Ye knew that elder Lu was holding back his laughter. He said, "Grandfather, I'm back. This is Gu Yan, my girlfriend."

"Hello, grandfather Lu," Gu Yan said obediently.

Grandfather Lu snorted. "We're not related. I don't dare to have you call me grandfather."

Gu Yan was not angry. Her attitude was still gentle and she smiled, "You're Ah Ye's grandfather. It's not too much for me to call you grandfather. However, I'm not married to Ah Ye yet, so I'll address you as grandfather Lu. After all, you're an elder. If you feel that grandpa Lu is inappropriate, then I'll call you old leader?"