I Refuse to Become Scumbag in Tokyo

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events, and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. --- Shishio stared at the beautiful girl in front of him, and he couldn't look away. Her waist might be the narrowest waist that he had ever seen, and he was wondering how it felt to hug that waist. Finally, he made up his mind and decided to say hello to her, but suddenly... [Target has been found!] "Huh?" [Welcome to Scumbag System!] [The more woman you have, the more rewards you will receive!] [As a starting gift, you have received "Japanese Food Cooking Mastery"!] [As the first target has been found, you also receive 500 million yen on your back account!] [The journey has only been started!] [Work hard, young man!] "???????" Shishio frowned and said, "I refuse!" without hesitation, but after a while... "I refuse!... I really refuse!... I really try hard to refuse!... Sorry, I can't refuse it...." Shishio tried really hard, but he couldn't... ---------------------------------------------- I'll update the chapter when I have nothing to do --------------------------------------------- Cover not mine found it on google --------------------------------------------- Grammar sometimes sucks but bear with it. --------------------------------------------- https://www.patreon.com/akikan40 Maybe I'll be full of energy to write your favorite fanfic.

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After their visit to Mount Nokogiriyama, they went to various places in Tateyama before returning to Sakurasou. Their trip was enjoyable, and everyone was having fun.

Still, among them, there were some people with complicated emotions.

However, as women, they had always been good at masking their emotions, so no one realized the change in their emotions except for Shishio and Shiina.

"What's wrong, Shishio?" Shiina asked when they were alone.

"It's okay. We just talked to each other," Shishio said as he patted Shiina's head.

"But..." Shiina hesitated, but Shishio moved behind her, hugged her waist gently as he pressed his waist against her soft butts, and whispered, "When we go back, let's go to my room later. I just can't wait..." Her words stopped, and she forgot all of the questions that she wanted to ask when she heard his words.

Shishio didn't hide his lust, and he just wanted to make out with Shiina right away, but his reason told him not to since there were many people beside them. His plan to make out with her at the hotel last night had failed because of everyone, but tonight, he couldn't wait anymore.

Shiina felt her body on fire, her spine straight up, as she nibbled her lower lip. "Shi - Shishio..." She could feel the hard thing on her back, and her ear was bitten by him. She had always been the one who bit him, but it gave her a strange sensation when he bit her, and frankly, it wasn't bad.

"You have always bitten me. It was my revenge." Shishio kissed her cheek tenderly, hugging her like an anaconda squeezed its prey, then whispered in a deep voice, "Let's go back."

"I - I can't walk..." Shiina's legs were so weak from the pleasure.


Shishio thought that he needed to hold back until they reached home.


After they ate the traditional foods in the areas, they started their journey back to Sakurasou as they talked to each other.

Their trip back to Sakurasou was safe and quite fast.

Hiratsuka and Yukinoshita didn't go back immediately. Instead, they checked the pictures taken by Shishio with everyone. Still, whenever they saw the photos, they wondered how the scenery could be so beautiful when they were taken by his camera.

'He should reach a professional level, right?' They thought at that moment.

"Shishio-kun, can you send me the photo to my email?" Shiro-san asked since he could see that those photos could use those pictures for an idea of his novel.

"Okay." Shishio nodded readily.

"Shishio, can you give me the picture too?" Sayaka asked since she didn't expect her image on camera to be so beautiful.


Then one by one, they also asked something similar.

Only Ryuunosuke returned to his room since he needed to rest and didn't want to stay in crowded places any longer, which made them speechless.

After talking for a while, Hiratsuka and Yukinoshita decided to go back.

Shishio decided to send them outside when everyone still looked at the photos that he had taken.

As they walked out, Shishio said, "By the way, Sensei. Don't forget about our bet."

Before, they had made a bet that if Shishio could get 1st rank in his entire grade, Hiratsuka would treat him to the best ramen. He had won the bet, so he was waiting for his reward.

"Now that you mention it." Hiratsuka, of course, remembered, but she didn't really want to bring Yukinoshita with her when she treated Shishio the best ramen. "Are you free tomorrow?" She didn't have any plans since she was single, and after she returned, she might either sleep or just play games. It was a lonely life, but what could she do?

Yukinoshita didn't say anything, only stared at the two of them.

"Sorry, I might be busy during this Golden Week, maybe after school starts?" Shishio apologized. Even though he was the one who reminded Hiratsuka, he didn't have time during Golden Week.

"Huh? What are you doing in Golden Week?" Hiratsuka asked with a frown, but then she remembered that his identity wasn't a normal student. "Business?"

"Yeah." Shishio nodded without changing his face, but he noticed Yukinoshita kept looking at him, so he could only smile and said, "See you later, Senpai."

Yukinoshita looked at Shishio with a thoughtful gaze and nodded. "See you later, Shishio-kun."

Hiratsuka felt weird by their interaction, but Yukinoshita didn't give her a chance to talk. "It has gotten quite late. Let's go back, Sensei."

"...Okay." After a moment of hesitation, Hiratsuka nodded since it was really late.

Hiratsuka and Yukinoshita excused themselves then returned home.

Shishio then locked the door of Sakurasou before he took a bath and returned to his room, but when he entered his room...

"How long are you two here?" Shishio asked curiously as he locked the door of his room. Of course, he had realized that they were inside his room with his "Enhanced Sense of Smell," especially when he smelled how aroused they were.

Shiina was sitting on the floor as she held her drawing book.

Roberta also sat near Shiina while looking at Shishio silently.

The two of them looked at Shishio subtly when he locked the door without hesitation. They could perceive his plan, and then they looked at each other for a moment before they nodded. They also had this plan before since they knew how beast this guy was, so if this guy initiated it, they also didn't intend to reject him since their bodies were burning hot, and they needed him to relieve it.

Their bodies were at the limit, and they just left everything to their desire and pleasure tonight.


"I'm going to cum!"

"Shishio-sama! Shishio-sama!"

Shishio grabbed Roberta's huge ass and didn't let it go until he released all of his semen inside.

Roberta was all four as she bit the sheet of the bed, trying to hold her moan, but she couldn't hold anymore and cried out in pleasure as she felt something hot entering her womb. Her back arched, and her eyes were out of focus as she felt the hot liquid spurting inside her.


Roberta let out a loud cry as she lay weakly on the bed and panted. Her hair was a mess, and her face was flushed. Her body quivered as a white liquid dripped out from her honeypot.

Shishio took out his hard phallus that was glazed with translucent liquid from Roberta's before he moved it toward the mouth of two women who lay weakly on the bed with hollow eyes.

As his phallus got near their lips, they opened their lips subconsciously and started to lick it as if it was the most delicious thing in the world.

Shishio then sprayed another white liquid into their faces, marking them as his.


Shishio took his t-shirt and wore it as he looked at the time. His lips twitched since it was almost midnight, and he directly took his phone. He could see many missed calls and texts sent by one girl he had made an appointment with. He quickly replied, then sighed since he wondered whether she was still waiting for him.

While, of course, Shishio remembered his promise to come to this girl's home after the trip, there was no way that he could leave Roberta and Shiina right away. After all, they had just been doing something pleasant, and it was their first threesome, so he felt that it was quite strange for him to leave so suddenly.



Shishio turned and looked at Shiina and Roberta, who opened their eyes slightly. Their bodies were bare, and neither of them wore any clothes on their bodies, which somehow made his phallus become harder once again.

"...You're going somewhere?" Shiina asked sleepily. Her voice was tired, and it took all of her will to talk since she just wanted to sleep.

"Yes." Shishio then kissed the forehead of Shiina and Roberta and said, "Sorry for leaving you."

"Okay." Shiina just slept directly since she was just too tired.

"Do you want to do it again, Shishio-sama?" Roberta asked since she could see that his phallus was still hard.

"Take a rest first. I'm sure that you're tired," Shishio said and helped Roberta to take a rest.

Roberta didn't force herself and decided to accept his spoil before sleeping directly.

Shiina and Roberta slept on Shishio's bed next to each other. Their bodies and faces might be full of sweat, and their hairs were all messy, but even so, their expression was so comfortable when they slept.

Shishio kissed them again for the last time before he walked out of his room. He had cleaned up his room, so there was no need to worry if someone suddenly entered the room. Still, he knew that there was someone who had been standing in front of his room.

As he opened the door of his room, the door got stuck into something. He then saw that someone had been sitting in front of his door before she moved.

"Wh --!?"

Shishio covered the mouth of this person and said, "Calm down, Nanami. Don't make a loud voice."

Nanami flushed then glanced at the gap of the door, looking at the lower bodies of two women who slept on the same bed. Even though it was faint, she could also smell a lewd smell coming from his room.

Shishio closed the door of his room and let go of his hand from Nanami since she had calmed down. Even though his room might be soundproof, if someone put their ears into the door or wall, even if they didn't want to, they might hear a faint voice of him having sex with Shiina and Roberta.

"Di - did you..." Nanami's face flushed.


Shishio nodded as he observed Nanami. Even though she might be wearing a plain t-shirt, it emphasized her D-cup chest, which was on the verge of breaking out, and her shorts caused her two white thighs to be exposed.

Shishio sighed inwardly, wondering why he couldn't be satisfied.


Nanami noticed Shishio's eyes which made her lower her head shyly.

"So, what are you doing here, Nanami?" Shishio asked plainly, but it made Nanami's heart tighten.

"I... I..."

Nanami couldn't say any words since she didn't know what to say.

"Did you try to eavesdrop?" Shishio asked in a whisper.


Nanami couldn't say anything and could only lower her head in silence. Her face was blushing, and her body was trembling since she imagined what kind of things Shishio, Shiina, and Roberta did in his room, and she thought that he was too strong, right?

Nanami observed Shishio secretly and saw him, was still in good shape, even doing it with two women at the same time.

Still, Nanami wasn't sure what to say for a moment until a big hand started to pat her head.

"Don't do it next time, alright?" Shishio patted Nanami's head gently and said, "I'll go out first, Nanami."

"Huh? Where are you going?" Nanami, who felt comfortable by his pat, quickly asked.

"Well, I have made a promise with someone," Shishio said subtly.


Nanami opened her mouth, but then she closed it again, but she grabbed the hem of his shirt.

"What's wrong?" Shishio asked.

'Wh - what to do...'

Nanami did this subconsciously, but she wasn't sure what to do after this.

Shishio looked at Nanami for a moment, then hugged her gently, then whispered, "You should go sleep."

Nanami put her head on his shoulder before she hugged his neck, and she pulled him, kissing his lips without hesitation!


Nanami put her tongue inside his as she kept sucking his mouth.

"....." Shishio.

Nanami felt more comfortable, and all her annoyance disappeared, especially after Shishio started to fight back.

They kept kissing for a while until they parted their lips with a string of salivae between their lips.

"...Do you want to do it with me?" Nanami asked as she stared at Shishio.

Shishio looked at Nanami for a moment and didn't expect this girl to be serious.

Nanami kept watching him until her forehead flicked. "Ouch!"

"You're my maid!" Shishio acted as if he was angry and said, "How can you tease your master! Prepare yourself when I get back. I won't let you go at that time." He grabbed her butt's cheek as he traced her lip with his thumb.

"Ma - master..." Her eyes were watery as called him with a trembling voice. She bit her lower lip, and she felt that her body was burning and subconsciously rubbed her body against his.

Shishio looked at Nanami and felt that if this girl kept teasing him, then there was no way he would let her go. He kissed her forehead, then messed up her hair and said, "Sleep first. I have somewhere to go."

Nanami looked at Shishio reluctantly before she nodded. She tidied up her hair, then helped him to go out by locking the door of Sakurasou.

Watching his figure slowly disappear, Nanami knew that their relationship wouldn't be good for her, but she just couldn't escape from him. She knew that it was bad, but she just loved it.


Nanami thought that she wanted him to mess her out more, and she had an idea of how to do it.


*Knock!* *Knock!*

"Mai, I'm here."

Shishio was right in front of Mai's apartment door and waited for her to open the door, but...

"The person inside is sleeping. Please sleep outside."


Shishio could tell that this girl was angry.

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