I Obtained a Super Farm in an Alternate Dimension! Book

novel - Fantasy

I Obtained a Super Farm in an Alternate Dimension!

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  • 40 Chs

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In a parallel world, everybody would obtain a farm in an alternate dimension when they reached adulthood. As long as one managed to defend their farm, they would be able to absorb life energy from the plants they grew and increase their lifespan, as well as obtain power and wealth to reach the upper class. Steven, who received a Super Farm System, obtained a Tree of Life from a welcome bundle. The tree grew to become several hundred meters tall overnight after he planted it. Not only are the fruits it bears valuable, but it also birthed the elemental fairies. These fairies are very loyal to the forest breeze and also wield powerful battle capabilities. When a forest is planted, the morning dew enchantresses that are born from the fog all look beautiful as a flower and have exceptional archery techniques. They create rain during the day and head to bed at night. When a field of flowers is planted, the winged flower fairies that are born can sing and dance and manage the farm. When an ocean spring is planted, the mermaids that are born can help tend to the fishery. What? Someone is trying to steal from my farm? What is Cerberus doing? Get Titan to crush them with its foot!