I Have a Time Travel Simulator

The more he got into the Comprehensive world, Kitahara Hakushu initially thought it was just an ordinary everyday Comprehensive world. Who would have thought that after entering high school, unusual things would happen one after another, and I would wake myself up through the simulator. Since then, Kitahara Hakushu has embarked on a path of becoming invincible. [Demon Slayer, Campione!, No Game No Life, Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo...] ---------------- Support me and get access to additional chapters. www.patreon.com/Yullain ---------------- Original Author: Senbei boy https://wap.faloo.com/1186285.html

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Chapter 4: Reward Settlement

[ This traversal simulation is completed, completion is in progress...]

After Kitahara Hakushu watched the simulation content, he was unconscious for a long time, and he was deeply moved.

Even though it's not a good ending, but the ending is also expected, right?

"I have no memory, can I just do this?"

Kitahara Hakushu rubbed the middle of his brows, muttering subconsciously, a serious expression on his face.

How should I say it, although the ending was unexpected, but there are definitely some people who don't like it.

After all, he couldn't leave Mount Natagumo until his death. As an explorer, this tribulation almost made Kitahara Hakushu feel a bit of a toothache.

From his point of view, this simulation is really like opening Mount Natagumo, then accompanying Rui to play a small game that ends in death, then disappears.

The only thing worth mentioning was the blue talent the system gave him, Natural Favor.

It must be said that this talent was stronger than Kitahara Hakushu expected.

Not only did every Demon in Mount Natagumo feel friendly toward him.

Even in the simulation, he tried to kill himself to prevent Rui from beating up the other demons, Rui showed nothing.

Only in the end did he accompany sister and wanted to escape before he completely broke out.

Even if he died in the end, his effects during that period were not weak.

[ Ding, successful completion, your evaluation for this traversal simulation is D, and you can choose one of the following rewards.

1. Demon's Blood.

2. Host's physical strength when becoming a Demon.

3. Spider Demon's special ability.]

And just as Kitahara Hakushu thought, the transparent screen in front of him also had another large character set.

The appearance of the prize made Kitahara Hakushu come back to his senses.

"Bloodline, physique, ability... Is this a gift from the simulation? It looks really good."

Kitahara Hakushu looked at the three choices in front of him and thought to himself.

Needless to say, the first bloodline, direct passing, after all, Kitahara Hakushu has no intention of becoming a Demon.

And to be honest, the same goes for Demon King Kibutsuji Muzan in Demon Slayer.

The second choice, physical strength, and the third choice, ability, this excited Kitahara Hakushu.

You must know that the demon's physique is definitely not comparable to him now. If he can have such a physique, he must become a little Superman in the real world.

As for abilities, isn't the ability he obtained from Spider Demon the easy-to-understand superhero Spider-Man in American comics?

Who doesn't dream of being a hero? Every man must have at least once dreamed of becoming a hero.

"Forget it, let's choose the second one first, and lay a solid foundation first. As for the ability, there will definitely be better ones in the future."

Kitahara Hakushu thought for a moment, and quickly made a decision.

Following Kitahara Hakushu's choice, a brilliant power melted into his body through the translucent screen in front of him.

Kitahara Hakushu's body let out a crackling sound, and within a few breaths, he felt a tremendous power rising from his body.

"Gosh... this is too strong, is this the feeling of having a cheat? So refreshing."

Kitahara Hakushu clenched his fists in surprise.

Feeling the power several times stronger than before, talking excitedly to himself.

After moving his body, Kitahara Hakushu got up, pinched the corner of the bed with one hand, and with one movement, the bed was obviously very heavy, but Kitahara Hakushu lifted it lightly.

Kitahara Hakushu is very satisfied, this is his physical strength now.

[ The simulator enters cooldown, this time the cooldown time is: 2 hours.]

[ You can choose to inherit the talent. Inherited talents will definitely appear in the next simulation. Do you want to inherit it?]

"Inherited talent? Inherited favor? Inherited!"

When Kitahara Hakushu heard those words, he said without hesitation.

This talent may not be the strongest, but no wonder, it is still very useful at this stage.

Watching the screen showing that the simulator was going to cooldown for two hours, Kitahara Hakushu just wanted to carefully study his current strength and pass the time.

And at this time, his cell phone suddenly rang.

[ Kasumi Utako: How was it? Byakuya-sensei, maybe there's a ghost or something in the world you talked about last time, is the problem solved now?]

Kitahara Hakushu picked up the phone, looked through its contents, couldn't help showing a smile on his face, and answered without hesitation.

[ Byakuya: Kasumi Utako-sensei, I discovered that in the face of an inhuman existence, human strength has limits, so I decided not to be human anymore!]


Lying in her own bed, Utaha Kasumigaoka's body can be glimpsed but no one appreciates it.

Seeing Kitahara Hakushu's nonsensical message, her pretty face froze in place.

Byakuya-sensei... Is this a relapse?