1 Martial Arts Panel

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State Feiyun.

Yunze Mountains.

At the foothill of the mountains, Xu Ning gradually woke up.

Instantly, countless unfamiliar memories flooded into his brain.

Xu Ning sniffled and felt a horrible headache.

After a long time, the unfamiliar memories were digested by Xu Ning's brain, and the pain gradually subsided.

"I actually transmigrated!"

Xu Ning had to accept this bizarre reality.

He traveled to a Budo World and became a village boy.

This village boy's name was also Xu Ning. Before this, he went up the mountains to gather medicine. He took a huge risk when trying to pick up a spirit medicine plant, but it was too difficult to grab, so he slipped and was fatally injured. After his consciousness dissipated, he was replaced by the current "Xu Ning".

This was not a peaceful era.

Sect disputes, state capital battles, family rivalries, bandits lording over streets, and monster animals causing chaos. In this era, human lives were as valuable as dirt.

And now, he became an ordinary person, who had to work hard to survive in this era.

"This is unbelievable…"

Xu Ning felt pain in several places on his body, but fortunately, his movements were not impaired.

He slowly got up and saw the spirit medicine plant that was picked up by his predecessor, a few meters ahead of him.

This jasper medicine plant was called Jasper Grass. It was precious, and the market price for it was more than 500 taels.

For ordinary farmers, this was an enormous sum of wealth.

"Jasper Grass…"

Xu Ning hesitated for a moment before walking to the Jasper Grass and bending over to pick it up.

This Jasper Grass was a dark green colored plant that had a slight fragrance to it.

Just by smelling it alone, Xu Ning could feel the pain in his body alleviating.

Just when Xu Ning was about to take a closer look at it, a white gleam of light suddenly flashed in front of his eyes.

A light display appeared in his field of vision.

Discovered energy: 6 units



Name: Xu Ning

Martial Art: Gale Knife Technique (beginner)+

Available energy: 0 units


Xu Ning couldn't believe it.

'Isn't this the Martial Arts Panel from my previous game? Why did it suddenly appear here?'

Xu Ning rubbed his eyes vigorously.

But the panel was still there—it wasn't an illusion.

Xu Ning suddenly realized.

"Is this the golden finger of a trasmigrator…"

Xu Ning took a deep breath and tried his best to calm his mood.

'If this Martial Arts Panel really works in this era, then I may be able to get far ahead of others.'


Xu Ning chose to absorb the energy.

"Absorbing energy… absorption complete."

Name: Xu Ning

Martial Art: Gale Knife Technique (beginner)+

Available energy: 6 units

The panel refreshed, and the available energy changed from 0 units to 6 units.

The Jasper Grass in Xu Ning's hand suddenly faded in color and withered away, turning yellow in the process.

"The energy in the Jasper Grass was absorbed?"

After acquiring 6 new units of energy, Xu Ning focused his attention on the "+" sign besides the Gale Knife Technique.

Consume 3 energy units to improve the Gale Knife Technique?



Xu Ning was certain.

Xu Ning learned the Gale Knife Technique from a previous master, and he had practiced it for almost three years, but because of his limited talent, he was stuck at the beginner realm, unable to improve further.

But now, he finally had the chance to improve his Gale Knife Technique.

Sure enough, in the next moment, the panel refreshed again.

Name: Xu Ning

Martial Art: Gale Knife Technique (elementary)+

Available energy: 3 units

His Gale Knife Technique realm had changed from beginner to elementary, and the available energy had decreased to 3 units.

The moment after the panel was refreshed, Xu Ning's understanding of the Gale Knife Technique suddenly became more profound.

He suddenly felt that he was oddly familiar with the methods of the Gale Knife Technique, as if he had practiced it day after day for several years; it was like he knew it like the back of his hand.

Xu Ning raised his hand and made a gesture. Although he didn't have a knife in his hand, he felt that he had been wielding a knife for a long time.

His heart suddenly became intrigued.

Xu Ning picked up the hatchet he used to climb the mountains and defend himself. He realized that the pain of his injuries had subsided, and using the new knowledge in his mind, he began to perform the Gale Knife Technique.

Instantly, the knife whistled in the air.

After the performance, Xu Ning took a deep breath, his eyes filled with excitement.

"This Martial Arts Panel is like a bug. Although the Gale Knife Technique is just an ordinary skill, it instantly increases my knife technique. From my understanding of ordinary martial artists, practicing one external skill should take two to three years, but I only took one second…"

Suddenly, Xu Ning began to look forward to this martial arts world.

With the Martial Arts Panel, he had the ability to become a master.

Xu Ning calmed his mind, and he once again focused his brain on the "+" sign besides the Gale Knife Technique.

He wanted to improve again.

Consume 6 units of energy to level up the Gale Knife Technique?


"6 units of energy?"

Xu Ning winced.

It took 3 energy units to level up his Gale Knife Technique from beginner to elementary realm, and from elementary to intermediate realm, the energy requirement had doubled. He only had 3 units of energy remaining, which was obviously insufficient.


Xu Ning was a little saddened, but not overly disappointed.

As long as he had the Martial Arts Panel, there would be plenty of opportunities in the future to find spirit medicine plants or other energy sources to improve his martial arts.

"It's time to go home…"

Xu Ning glanced at the sky. The sun had begun to show signs of setting.

He squatted down and picked up the herbal medicine plants that had dropped out of the basket on his back.

These herbal medicine plants were just normal herbs he had previously picked. They were ordinary quality and were not precious.

Xu Ning tried to pinch the common herbal medicine plant in his hands to see if he could absorb its energy.

But unfortunately, a normal quality herbal medicine plant did not provide him any energy.

After packing up the herbs, Xu Ning clenched the hatchet and tried to remember his previous route.

Xu Ning's current location was on the edge of Yunze Mountains. There were often beasts roaming around, so he had to be careful at all times.

Luckily, Xu Ning did not encounter any trouble on his return trip. After about half an hour, he finally came back to his village.

This was the Tao Village, where Xu Ning lived.

Xu Ning was not born and raised in the Tao Village, instead he and his older sister, Xu Lian, came here a few years ago.

Xu Ning and his sister, Xu Lian, had previously lived in their own village, but a few years ago, a horse bandit attacked their village. The village was destroyed, and his relatives and neighbors were killed. Xu Lian took her younger brother, Xu Ning, and escaped. They had been homeless since then.

The two of them roamed the streets and tried to survive before they were finally taken in by the Tao Village.

Sister Xu Lian had married Tao Yunchuan.

Hence, Xu Ning also became a member of the Tao Village.

The sun was gradually setting, and looking at it from a distance, the outline of the village began to look dim.

The Tao Village was surrounded by a stone wall. On the walls, there were clansmen holding weapons, patrolling back and forth.

At first glance, this looked like an entrance to a small town.

The Tao Village was a large village with a population of more than 3,000 people. It was wealthy and influential in Kangyun County.

At the entrance of Tao Village, Xu Ning hesitated.

There were barriers Xu Ning had to cross to integrate into this new family since he was a trasmigrator.

But after hesitating for a while, Xu Ning still took a step forward.

This was something he had to face sooner or later.

Xu Ning entered the village.

The Tao Village was big and had a large population.

But since he was an outsider, his predecessor had never been able to blend in here.

"Is this it…"

Xu Ning followed the path in his memory before he came to an ordinary courtyard.

The courtyard door was closed. There was the sound of chopping wood coming from the courtyard.

Xu Ning paused for a moment and opened the door.

He saw a strong man holding an axe, chopping a block of wood.

The movements of his hands were a bit stiff, so the chopping and slashing motions were uncoordinated.

"Xu Ning is back?"

After hearing the sound of the door opening, the strong man looked up, saw Xu Ning, and smiled.

He put down the axe and walked over. "Give the stuff to me, you go and rest."

The strong man limped as he walked. In addition to his hands, he obviously had leg problems as well.

Xu Ning recognized this man as his brother-in-law, Tao Yunchuan.

He was injured when he was young, causing his movements to be choppy.

"Huh? Xu Ning, are you hurt from falling?"

After walking over, Tao Yunchuan noticed that Xu Ning's clothes were torn in many places, as well as some surface wounds.

"I accidentally fell while picking herbs."

Xu Ning was a little uncomfortable with Tao Yunchuan's show of concern.

"Are you okay?"

Tao Yunchuan asked.

"I'm fine…"

Xu Ning waved his hand.

He was in fact, feeling fine.

"That's good, that's good…"

Tao Yunchuan seemed relieved.

"Xu Ning is injured?"

A young woman dressed in a linen dress walked out of the room. There was a sense of tension and concern in her tone.

This young woman was Xu Lian, Xu Ning's sister.

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