I got reincarnated into mha as Madara Uchiha Book

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I got reincarnated into mha as Madara Uchiha


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One day Joe finds himself in a white room and the god of reincarnation explains to him how he will be reincarnated into any world of his choice and guess what he chose yep it’s pretty obvious by reading the title and guess what power he choose yup he chooses Madara Uchiha the main villain in Naruto.Watch his adventures on becoming the strongest there is and deciding the fate of the world he lives in. Yo Wuz good I know some of u may have read my other novels and saw that I dropped them out of no where well that was because I was mad stressed wit some things but I promise with this new novel and a start over i will make sure to update a chapter every 2 days so please make sure to comment like and favorite so I know you guys like this novel also don’t forget to rate the novel and comment what I should fix or add.Imma go now Peace


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