I died empty, so this time i shall give it my all in another world.
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I died empty, so this time i shall give it my all in another world.


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What is I died empty, so this time i shall give it my all in another world.

Read I died empty, so this time i shall give it my all in another world. novel written by the author Mafuyu_Aoi_Tan on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, system, genderbender. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Dude has no dream, dodges truck-kun. What?! Theres a new arrival?, what do you mean his name is airplane-kun... Roped into a series of events, join the Mc as you explore this lazily fleshed out world(I'm sorry, lmao) Disclaimer: Start from volume 4. Volume 1-3 is cringe draft, bewarn. Also it ended. I don't know how to change the status ;^;


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Reveal spoiler


First off, the authors writing quality has drastically improved over the early chapters, this score is ignoring pre-rewrite, and it seems to slowly improve as the story continues on, but the foundation has its issues. Story flow is a bit chaotic because of the imbalanced world; the level and stat scale is way too huge and the world broke the AGI stat so much that any contest given to the MC is another character who carbon copies her abilities. You never really know how the character is currently as each chapter seems to skip a random period of time. Beyond this, the characters seem to lack any humanity or depth. From the start, the MC's parents just accept their daughter has no memory of them and continue on like nothing happened. Once the Main Character's father is kidnapped she abandons her crying mother with barely a glance in the name of "revenge" and continues to grind as an emotionless robot. Some of the interactions with characters do get better on the surface, and some effort was made to flesh out the characters with limited success. This is not a bad story at its core, and the author has definitely improved; I hope they continue to endeavor down the path of improvement, and that maybe the above can help to some extent.


Continue Please←(>▽<)ノ................!!!!!!!! ..............................ԅ( ͒ ۝ ͒ )ᕤ☜ (↼_↼)。.゚+ ⟵(。・ω・)←(>▽<)ノ⟵(๑¯◡¯๑)←(*꒪ヮ꒪*)→(° ۝ °)┗*・゜゚(^O^)↝(✧Д✧)→


Well, the story is good, a good Overpowered Loli, too bad they are very rare around. While it follows the typical cliche of MC trying to get more and more powerful and fighting stronger monsters it give a big surprise during the final battle. Good work, with the story


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