320 Chapter 320: Cryonex Vs. Wei Lin (part 2)

The crystalline shards, now embedded in Cryonex's dark form, emitted a radiant brilliance. Wei Lin, seizing the opportunity, directed the array's energies to converge upon the trapped demonic commander. The harmonized forces pulsed with an intensity that threatened to engulf Cryonex in a cascade of ethereal power.

Yet, Cryonex, unknowingly smiling, summoned an unprecedented surge of icy darkness. The shadows coalesced around him, forming a protective cocoon that absorbed the incoming onslaught of harmonized energy.

As the citizens watched the celestial duel unfold, a hushed tension permeated the air. The clash between array master and demonic commander unfolded like a dance of opposing elements, each move echoing with the profound essence of their respective powers.


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