12 Involuting With His Life on the Line

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Four consecutive wins!

Lin Mo continued with the next match.

"I hope I can match with a slightly stronger opponent! All of them have been so helpless, it's becoming quite boring to fight!"

However, Lin Mo was only 18 years old, with only 1,000 kilograms of punching force and just four consecutive wins. Plus the novice training field also had a fixed matchmaking standard. Currently, it was basically impossible to match him with a super strong opponent.

As for Lin Mo, he could only continue his winning streak by torturing noobs.

Five consecutive wins!

Six consecutive wins!

Nine consecutive wins!

Ten consecutive wins!

"Tip: You have achieved a ten-game winning streak. You will be ranked on the novice training field's winning streak leaderboard (Xia Country's Board)."

"Tip: Ten consecutive wins will reward you with an A1 evolution potion. Please confirm the delivery address back end."

"Tip: You have reached ten matches today. Please take a break. Continue queuing tomorrow!"

In less than half an hour, Lin Mo had achieved a ten-game winning streak.

As for him, he also received several notifications from the novice training field.

"Ten rounds!" Lin Mo had to stop queuing.

In the novice training field, no matter victory or defeat, one could only have ten matches a day.

"But the opponent in the tenth round just now definitely had some capabilities! If he was any stronger, I might have lost to him!"

In the tenth match, Lin Mo was matched with a quasi-martial artist in his forties.

The older a martial artist was, the more demonic they became!

Imagine how much actual combat experience a middle-aged man in his forties would have in his martial arts career.

What kind of opponent had he not seen before?

What kind of trick could he not use?

Moreover, this middle-aged quasi-martial artist's combat technique had also reached the peak of rank 2. Lin Mo fought with him for 20 to 30 exchanges before winning while the opponent exclaimed "the younger generation will surpass us in time".

"An opponent with ten consecutive wins has already made me feel quite threatened! Then, eleven consecutive wins, twelve consecutive wins… I'm afraid it won't be easy to achieve!"

It was also because of the high difficulty that he could obtain an additional A1-level evolution potion for every win after ten consecutive wins.

After all, the A1 evolution potion was a government approved potion! Compared to those "defective" potions circulating in the underground market, it was far superior!

"However, when I continue to match tomorrow, my combat technique will not be at the peak of rank 2 like today!"

Lin Mo's combat skills had soared from rank 1 to the peak of rank 2 in just two barbecue sessions. If he went again tomorrow, wouldn't his combat skills be at rank 3?

Then wouldn't he be able to continue sweeping his opponents?

Thinking of this, Lin Mo withdrew from the Primordial Universe in satisfaction.

However, what Lin Mo didn't know was that just as he logged off from the Primordial Universe, there was a small commotion in the novice training field.

In the novice training field, on the leaderboard.

There were only a few dozen names.

After all, only those who had achieved ten consecutive victories or more were qualified to be on this list.

Just as Lin Mo achieved a ten-game winning streak, everyone in the entire Xia country who were currently in the novice training field received an email. "Congratulations to the Jiangnan Prefecture's 'Black Earth' for obtaining a ten-game winning streak!"

In an instant, hundreds of thousands of people noticed the unheard-of name "Black Earth".

"Black Earth?"

"I've never heard of him! Where did he come from?"

"He's just a martial arts apprentice! Ten consecutive wins at this level doesn't have much value!"

"Indeed! It's much easier for martial apprentices to obtain ten consecutive victories than quasi-martial artists!"

"Let's leave!"

"Black Earth? From our Jiangnan Prefecture?" Jiang Xue looked at the email with mixed feelings. "No wonder I lost to him! To be able to achieve a ten-game winning streak, his combat technique should have reached the peak of rank 2!"

In the tenth battle, the weakest opponent would be at the peak of rank 2.

Therefore, if he wanted to achieve ten consecutive victories, his combat technique had to be at least at the peak of Level 2.

"However, this Black Earth is only a martial arts apprentice. What a pity!" Jiang Xue couldn't help but think, "His combat skills are at the peak of rank 2. His punching force only needs to be above 1,200 kilograms to enter a key martial arts university. Unfortunately, he's only a martial arts apprentice and no where near 1,200 kilograms. He can only study in an ordinary undergraduate university!"

There was definitely a big gap between ordinary universities and key universities.

Jiang Xue couldn't help but feel a sense of superiority. "Although I lost to him in the novice training field, with my scores I can definitely enter a key martial arts university! By the time we enter university, the gap between him and me will widen!"

As Jiang Xue thought about it, her mood, which had worsened from the defeat suddenly became better.

"He only won a match, but I won my entire life!" Jiang Xue threw her previous unhappiness to the back of her mind and began to cultivate her combat technique.


Lin Mo took off his virtual helmet and was about to sleep when his nose suddenly itched and he couldn't help but sneeze.

"That's strange! With my body, why would I sneeze?" The physique of a high-level martial arts apprentice was much stronger than that of an ordinary person. There was almost no cold or fevers. "Could it be because I drank a little too much today?"

After thinking about it, there was only that one possibility.

"Drinking alcohol is harmful to the body, my parents really didn't lie to me! I definitely can't…" Lin Mo hesitated for a moment." No! What's the point of eating skewers and not drinking? If abstaining isn't a possibility, I'll drink less tomorrow! "

'Small amounts of alcohol can set the mood, but over-drinking is bad for the body.'

"That's the plan! Time to sleep!"

After making up his mind, Lin Mo closed his eyes and was about to pass out when the "Idle Upgrade System" that had been silent all this while spoke. "Ding! Detected that someone is using their life force to involute near the host!"

'Involuting with his life on the line?'

Lin Mo couldn't help but widen the eyes he just closed.

"Holy sh*t!!"


'Do you have to be so committed?'

"Ding! Involution index soaring…"

Then, Lin Mo saw the index on the data panel soar like a rocket, directly breaking through the 1,000-point mark!

A four-digit involution index!!

A punching force increase of more than 200 kilograms an hour!!!


Lin Mo himself was shocked!

The person who is using his life force to involute is so terrifying!

He wondered who in the vicinity was generously increasing his index value.

He will be indebted to this guy forever!

Unfortunately, the involution index of more than 1,000 only lasted for a short five minutes before it suddenly plummeted to zero.

In just these five minutes, Lin Mo's fist strength had increased by more than 20 kilograms! It was even much better than the potion he had just drunk!

"Wee-woo-wee-woo-wee-woo!" An ambulance drive into the community, blaring its siren.

Lin Mo couldn't help but run to the windowsill to look while wearing only his boxers.

"Who is my benefactor?"

"Are you still well, benefactor?"

Immediately, Lin Mo saw a familiar figure being carried into an ambulance on a stretcher—it was his upstairs neighbor, Liu Xia.

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