2 The Revenge Begins

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John carefully sharpened the pencil in his hand.

The wood chips fell down bit by bit at a very fast speed. As time progressed, John's movements became lighter and lighter.

Occasionally, he would stop and place the pencil on a balance that was precise to the milligrams, watching the changes in the data.

There were also many failed pencils under John's feet, all of which didn't hit the exact measurements he required.

At this moment, a finished product had already taken shape and completely met the requirements.

John looked at the pencil in his hand and a smile showed on his calm face.

He gestured toward the window with the pencil that had taken shape. He looked up, his gold-rimmed glasses shadowing his eyes. He was lost in thought, staring fixedly at the beams in the dim space.

Looking at the city that was about to be lighted up by the morning sun, he was about to leave an unforgettable story in this city. At the same time, it would also be the beginning of his revenge.

In his room, John had been continuously daydreaming, as if wondering if the plan would go well today.

He stayed in the room all the while.

He only walked out of the room after noontime.

He went out and found a café on the side of Louis Street. A man in a black coat and hat asked for a cup of Yellow Mountain coffee. The atmosphere was as normal as ever. It looked undisturbed.

It was John.

His eyes were fixed on the trash can outside the window.

In silence, he began to wait for the 'time node' marked in his vision.

At 4 PM, John left the cafe and walked in front of the trash can.

He stood there motionlessly, his eyes occasionally looking at his watch, waiting for the time to arrive.

Not affected by anyone or anything.

Time was cold and cruel.

In John's indifferent eyes, an old man was reading the newspaper by the side.

A young man riding a motorcycle in the distance.

A man in a suit.

The red signal light began to turn green.

Another Route 99 bus appeared before his eyes.

"Hehe, it's time."

John looked at the time on his watch and took out the pencil he had prepared in the pocket of his black coat. He stood in front of the trash can and placed the pencil on it, constantly adjusting the precise position of the pencil, not daring to relax at all.

After a while, he finally finished adjusting the position.

Suddenly John smiled, as if he had thought of something.

Hence, he changed the position of the pencil.

Finally, on September 17, 2021, at 4: 11: 01 PM, he removed his hand from the pencil, the mission was completed accurately.

Then John pulled up his clothes, lowered his head, and disappeared from view.


The roaring engine was deafening. A yellow Maserati appeared from a distance.

John could clearly see the half rolled down car window, and through it, saw the arrogant Young Master Neil from the Alexander Corporation.

"He's finally here!"

John didn't walk too far away. He stood in a safe area that wouldn't be affected by the upcoming car accident.

Staring at the place where the car accident was about to happen, he felt a little excited.

While feeling excited, he also felt a little sad.

A blue-white Eric State cab sped past, its wheels splashing the water beside the trash can!

The 'pencil' placed on top of the trash can was knocked off…


Under John's gaze, the pencil rolled onto the sidewalk and was noticed by the man reading the newspaper.

He stood up and wanted to pick up the pencil…

Behind him, the young man on the motorcycle hurriedly dodged and fell into a fruit stall by the side of the road. A huge pile of fruit fell to the ground…




The watermelons were crushed by the tires of the Route 99 bus and the cars. Countless fruits were thrown towards the roaring Maserati.

Inside the car, Neil was panicking. Countless fruits were thrown at his windshield.

In his panic, Neil instinctively stepped on the brakes and spun the steering wheel!


With a loud bang, he crashed into the reinforced concrete beside him.

Panic instantly filled the air!

The road that was suddenly flooded with people and cars suddenly ended up in a mess!

John was standing not far away. He witnessed the series of happenings clearly and was shocked.

In the driver's seat of the sports car, reinforced concrete was pressing heavily against it. Pieces of rebar pierced through the body of the young master of Eric State's Alexander Corporation, Neil. Blood was gushing out from his body.

Seeing the police and ambulance starting to appear, John put away his emotions, lowered his head, and walked toward the subway entrance beside him.

To be honest, John was horrified.

He never expected that the ability he had obtained would be so terrifying!

Slowly, John began to calm down.

A surge of blood rushed to his head, and his cheeks turned rosy, then red. He began to grin, his expression crazed.

John looked up with a smile-like expression at the surveillance camera overhead.

He knew that Neil wouldn't die.

This was because he had changed his target at the very end. He only hoped that Neil would be severely injured.

Heavily injured but couldn't die. John thought hatefully: "I want Neil to witness the collapse of the entire Alexander Corporation. I want his family to know what fear is. I want him to live in deep regret."

John wanted the paralyzed Neil to truly fall into despair. It was just like what Neil himself had done to many people before.

"I crawled back from hell."


"This isn't the end…"

"On the contrary, this is just the beginning!"

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